In January 2014 our family went on a dog show in Trencin with the intentiom to look for some breeds, that we did choose and that will siut our character demands. Before
the show we were deciding what breeds would be the best. After some days we chose these breeds : Flat-coated retriever, Landseer and Howavart. At the show we watched these breeds, but after some talking with the owners of Landseer we were decided for them.

That day daughter searched in a Czech Landseer Club for some bitches, that had puppies. We chose a puppy from kennel named pod Svatou Horou. Her name was Cory and in 23th of January we went for her.

In June 2014 we had decided to create a kennel and we wanted a dog from abroad. We searched for some good mated bitches and in November daughter started comunicating with a French breeder. In the middle of December eight puppies were comfirmed so we were waiting for their birth. They were born in January and we chose one dog and named him Baxley. He came home in March.